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Product Plus is the leading provider of professional product photography services in Australia. Here, we address common queries related to our wide range of offerings, including flat lay photography, studio photography, e-commerce photography, and more, all tailored to help your products stand out and boost your online presence.
Navigating through our FAQ page is an excellent first step to understanding our pricing structure, process, and how we cater to various product categories, from beauty and fashion to home goods and beverages. We aim to make your experience seamless, so if you have further questions about our services, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to ensure that your journey with Product Plus is a rewarding one, reflecting our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
  • What is product photography?
    Product photography is a specialised branch of commercial photography that focuses on accurately and attractively representing products to potential customers. The objective is to present the product in the best possible light, capturing its features, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in high-quality images. It plays a crucial role in ecommerce, where the image often serves as the primary basis for purchasing decisions. Product photography utilises various techniques, such as flat lay photography, tabletop photography, and the use of different shadow options and props to enhance the product's appeal. It can be applied to a range of items, from clothing and shoes to jewellery, home goods, and packaged food and beverages. Whether for your website, an ecommerce platform, or specifically for Amazon product photography, professional product photography helps to establish a strong online presence. For businesses in Perth and throughout Australia, investing in quality product photography services can significantly boost the effectiveness of their online marketing and sales efforts, elevating their brand image and customer engagement.
  • What's the Product Plus + process?
    Choosing your service Select the service type that suits your product. If you’re unsure or need a custom quote, please email our team at Choose the number of products you would like photographed. Select which shadowing best suits your brand and product. These selections are all included in the cost. Shipping your products. When shipping your products, please include an addressed return bag or slip. If you are Perth-based and would like a drop-off location, please email our team at Upon receiving your items, we will notify you via email to confirm their safe arrival. Proofing Gallery Within 4 business days of receiving your items, you will receive an email containing a link to your proofing gallery. This is your opportunity to review the images and provide any notes or feedback. If we do not hear back from you within 2 business days, we will assume you approve of the images as they are. Final Delivery Once the images are approved, you will receive your edited digital images via email and Dropbox folder within 3 business days. You can download all your images from this folder. Return of Your Items Within 7 days of sending your digital images, we will post your physical items to you, complete with a tracking number for your convenience. If you have dropped your products to us, we will contact you for pickup.
  • What is the purpose of product photography?
    Product photography serves a pivotal role in shaping a brand's image and boosting its online presence. In the digital age, where physical interaction with products is often absent, high-quality images bridge the gap between customers and products, playing a crucial role in decision-making processes. Product photography captures and highlights the unique features, functionality, and appeal of products, thus creating a visual connection that resonates with potential customers. This practice is crucial for various platforms, including your website product photography, ecommerce photography, and specifically Amazon product photography. Strategic product photography leverages a wealth of product photography ideas and props, along with techniques such as flat lay photography and tabletop photography, to create engaging and persuasive visuals. Not only does it showcase the product, but it also accentuates the product's value proposition, helping to increase sales and customer loyalty. Whether you're a business in Perth or any other part of Australia, leveraging professional product photography services can significantly enhance your brand's digital footprint. By effectively illustrating the quality and uniqueness of your offerings, product photography ultimately contributes to a stronger brand image, improved customer perception, and increased sales.
  • Who needs product photography?
    Product photography is essential for any business that sells products, particularly those operating in the online space. Here's a breakdown of who typically needs product photography: Ecommerce Businesses: From small, boutique online stores to larger e-retailers, high-quality product images are essential to showcase what is being sold. Clear, professional photos give potential customers an accurate sense of the product, helping to drive sales. Brick-and-Mortar Retailers: Physical retail stores also benefit from product photography, particularly if they maintain an online catalogue or engage in digital advertising. Well-captured images can be used on their websites, social media, and in print advertising. Restaurants and Food Businesses: Professional photos of dishes and food items can significantly increase engagement on food delivery platforms, social media, and websites. Manufacturers and Wholesalers: Companies that manufacture or wholesale products often need professional product photography for their catalogues or for the retailers they supply. Marketing and Advertising Agencies: These agencies often require product photography for their client campaigns, ensuring high-quality images are used in promotional materials. Amazon Sellers and Other Online Marketplace Vendors: Sellers on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay benefit greatly from professional product photos, as these images can set them apart in a crowded marketplace. In short, any business that wants to display their products in the best light possible would benefit from professional product photography services, such as those offered by Product Plus, a trusted name in the industry across Australia.
  • Is there a product photographer near me?
    As a leading product photography service provider, Product Plus is well-equipped to offer top-quality product photography services across Australia. Whether you're based in Perth, where our main studio is located, or elsewhere in the country, we can accommodate your needs. We leverage technology and courier services to handle projects from all over Australia. So, no matter where your business is located, you can consider Product Plus to be a product photographer near you, ready to provide professional, high-quality photography to showcase your products effectively and elevate your brand's online presence.
  • How much product photography cost?
    The cost of product photography can vary significantly based on several factors. This includes the complexity of the shoot, the number of products, the type of photography (such as flat lay or tabletop), the use of props, post-production editing needs, and the experience level of the photographer. For instance, a simple shoot with fewer products and minimal props might cost less than a more complex shoot involving large group arrangements, multiple angles, or intricate lighting setups. Some photographers or studios offer bespoke product photography packages at competitive pricing, providing a comprehensive service that can be tailored to various budgets and needs. Investing in professional product photography is essential for enhancing your online presence, especially for ecommerce or Amazon product photography. High-quality, professionally shot images can significantly improve your product's appeal, leading to better customer engagement and increased sales. It's always recommended to discuss your specific requirements with your chosen product photography service to get a clear understanding of the costs involved. Be sure to ask about any additional charges that might apply for extra services, such as rush orders, additional edits, or specific formatting for different platforms. In Perth and across Australia, finding a product photography service that offers transparency in pricing and delivers high-quality results can make a real difference to your online brand image and marketing success.
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