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Behind the Scenes with Found Brewery: Crafting a Visual Feast for the Fashion-Forward Beer Lover

When the fine craft of brewing meets the art of fashion, something exciting brews on the horizon. Found Brewery, the Perth-based purveyor of premium beers with a flair for the creative, is set to release a line of merchandise that embodies their spirit of innovation and community. In anticipation, we’ve wrapped up a photoshoot that’s as unique and fresh as the brews they serve. Here's a sneak peek into our professional photoshoot and why it's a cut above the typical phone photo session.

The Found Brewery Fashion Shoot: A Blend of Style and Spirit

For Found Brewery's upcoming merchandise, we wanted to go beyond mere product shots. We aimed to capture the essence of their brand—the casual coolness, the bold statements, and the laid-back sophistication that their t-shirts, jumpers, and hats represent.

Flat Lays for a Solid Foundation:

Flat-lay photography is a staple for a chic, top-down view that tells a complete story. We arranged Found Brewery’s merchandise with precision, ensuring each flat-lay image was a tableau of style and quality. The result? A visual narrative that speaks to the fashionably discerning beer enthusiast.

Hanging Out with Style:

Hanger shots give a front-row view of the clothing's drape and fit, an aspect that phone photos can't often do justice to. By carefully selecting hangers and positions that complement each piece, we provided potential customers with a clear picture of what they can expect from the Found Brewery collection.

The Ghost Mannequin Effect:

The ghost mannequin technique brings a dynamic and three-dimensional look, perfect for online shoppers who want to gauge the fit and flow of clothing. This method, achieved through professional photography, adds depth and body to the garments, a visual trick phone photography can rarely achieve.

Why Professional Over Phone?

  • Detail in Depth: Professional cameras are equipped to capture the subtle textures of fabric, the exact color, and fine print details, ensuring that the product you see online closely matches what arrives at your doorstep.

  • Lighting that Flatters: In the world of product photography, lighting can make or break the appeal of clothing. Our professional setup highlights the softness of a jumper, the curve of a cap, and the snug fit of a t-shirt, ensuring the material looks inviting and true to life.

  • Post-Production Polish: Post-production is where professional photography really stands out. Our editing process fine-tunes the images to reflect Found Brewery's brand tone, aligning the visuals with the overall brand message.

  • Consistency Counts: Cohesion in product imagery promotes brand reliability. We create a consistent look across all photos, reinforcing Found Brewery’s reputation as a purveyor of high-quality, stylish apparel.

  • Speed and Agility: With a professional photo shoot, time is on your side. We deliver ready-to-use, high-quality images swiftly, allowing Found Brewery to market their merchandise without delay.

In wrapping up Found Brewery's product photoshoot, we've woven together the threads of their brand story with the finesse of our photographic expertise. As Found Brewery gears up to introduce their merchandise, we've set the stage for unveiling their products in a way that's bound to leave an impression.

For beer lovers and fashion enthusiasts eagerly waiting, this collaboration between Found Brewery and our photography team promises to deliver a visual treat that will make adding to cart an easy decision. Stay tuned to Found Brewery's Instagram for the grand reveal and get ready to don the gear that’s as finely crafted as their beers. Cheers to style, cheers to quality, cheers to the unique community vibe that only Found Brewery can pour!

And to other brands looking to make their mark: remember, professional product photography isn't just about taking pictures; it's about crafting an experience. Let’s chat about how we can bring your products into the spotlight, just like we did for Found Brewery.


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