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Inconsistent E-commerce Photography

Here’s our advice on how to fix it:

1. Standardise Lighting:

  • Use consistent lighting setups for all product shoots.

  • Opt for soft, diffused lighting to minimise shadows and reflections.

  • Invest in quality lighting equipment like softboxes, light tents, and LED lights.

E-commerce Photography

2. Maintain Uniform Angles and Positions:

  • Establish standard angles for different types of products (e.g., front, side, and back views).

  • Use a tripod and marking guides to keep the camera position consistent.

3. Use a Consistent Background:

  • Choose a neutral, non-distracting background that complements your products.

  • Ensure the background colour and texture remain the same across all photos.

E-commerce Photography

4. Standardise Image Dimensions and Resolution:

  • Decide on a standard aspect ratio and resolution for all product images.

  • Use photo editing software to resize and crop images uniformly.

5. Implement a Style Guide:

  • Create a detailed photography style guide that outlines lighting, angles, backgrounds, and editing techniques.

  • Share the style guide with all team members involved in photography.

E-commerce Photography

6. Edit Photos Consistently:

  • Use the same editing software and presets for all images.

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and colour balance consistently to maintain a uniform look. By addressing these aspects, you can significantly improve the quality and consistency of your eCommerce photography, leading to a stronger brand presence and better sales performance. By having consistent E-commerce photography you will have an enhanced and stronger brand image, an improved customer experience, Increased sales and higher search engine rankings - Just to name a few benefits!


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